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SIDERISE has now been successfully tested in conjunction with Alucolux, AliClad and Equitone in New Zealand using the BS8414: BR135 to contribute to the control of spread of fire in New Zealand timber framed construction. 

SIDERISE offer some of the most technically advanced fire protection and noise control solutions in the world. They have provided acoustic, fire and thermal insulation solutions for building facades for over 45 years. SIDERISE is one of the few products in NZ to have undergone full system testing.

The passive fire protection systems are industry leading and third party certified. The SIDERISE curtain walling firestop was the first to market internationally and their reactive solution for ventilated facades was the first within Europe.



Rainscreen Cladding Ventilated and Non-Ventilated Cavity Barriers:

SIDERISE RH/RV cavity barrier systems has become the default choice for market leading, high performance and comprehensive external fire protection internationally.

Located within the drained and ventilated cavity of the external envelope, they ensure the system will drain freely whilst maintaining adequate airflow and providing a fast and effective fire protection barrier.

The SIDERISE Rainscreen Cladding Cavity Fire Barriers offer application options to ensure full compliance with NZBC C/AS2:5.8.5.

Installation is easy with either proprietary brackets, or by screw fixing. Due to some site conditions being variable these systems are also designed to be modifiable to allow for building tolerances. By designing the system with these variances in mind SIDERISE can deliver a safe option for almost any standard façade or cladding system.

Key Features

  • Site Modifiable
  • Allows continuous ventilation and drainage behind external envelope
  • Products tested extensively in small-scale/individual material tests as well as in full-scale system tests for a number of façade systems
  • Reactive intumescent band has rapid seal closure properties
  • Horizontal barriers can accommodate up to 50mm continuous ventilated air space
  • Vertical barriers accommodate cladding serviceability movement


For Linear Gap Seals (LGS), Top of Wall Fire Stops and other firestopping needs SIDERISE has options to easily protect gaps in construction.

Siderise cavity barriers have been fire tested to both EN1366-4 and AS1530 Part 4 as well as multiple full system fire tests.

With building movement considerations in mind the SIDERISE products have been tested to EN1364-4; to ensure that building movement will not affect the performance of the SIDERISE Products.

The fast, clean and easy SIDERISE systems meet and exceed the requirements of NZBC C clause requirements and additionally allow for proven fire performance in CLT construction.

Key Features

  • Market leading fire resistance and smoke seal;
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical application
  • Unique product construction provides the ability to accommodate facade movement
  • Fully qualified acoustic performance
  • Simple and quick to install


Perimeter Fire Stop for Curtain Wall

SIDERISE CW-FS (Curtain Wall Fire Stop) systems are a proven means to protect the slab edge perimeter behind a curtain wall for spread of fire, smoke and sound. Ensuring that the performance of the slab is extended all the way to the back of the spandrel panel. The adaptive, clean and easy-to-install system provides guaranteed movement capabilities, meeting and exceeding NZBC C/AS2:4.15.3 requirements

SIDERISE CW-FB (Curtain Wall Fireboard) A Spandrel protection infill which forms part of a perimeter barrier firestop and spandrel zone protection system for use with non-fire rated aluminium curtain wall façades.

CW-FB and CW-FS (Perimeter Barrier and Fire Stop Systems) have been jointly tested in conjunction with non-fire rated aluminium curtain wall assemblies to provide market leading fire resistance performance for the critical spandrel zone.

SIDERISE CW-FS system is tested to BS EN 1364-4*. The New Zealand Acceptable Solution C/AS2 or Verification Method C/VM2 does not specify a test standard or method of testing for a curtain wall firestopping system, however MBIE have suggested to BS EN 1364-4 as an acceptable test method for demonstrating compliance. *SIDERISE is also tested to BS EN 1366-4 horizontally and vertically.

Key Features

  • Market leading fire resistance and smoke seal
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical application
  • Unique product construction provides ability to accommodate facade movement
  • Fully tested acoustic performance
  • Simple and quick to install

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