The Building Agency are pleased to announce the launch of our own dedicated project detailing service (shop drawing). Our drafting team brings together years of collective experience and knowledge and we have been involved in detailing many large cladding projects across New Zealand. Our experienced CAD Technicians all excel at developed detailing, whether its 2D or 3D, AutoCAD, Revit or ArchiCAD, RHINO or SKETCHUP. We are dedicated to helping designers achieve successful designs and installers to achieve successful builds.

Prior-to-Consent Shop Drawing packets, or Technical Detailing Assistance, allows us as a supplier to communicate and interface with the architect and customer directly. This ensures our materials and systems can best be utilised to meet your design brief and offers the following benefits:

  • No additional cost, whilst this occurs earlier in the process the cost would have been included in the façade subcontract
  • Able to deal with design issues early, saving variation costs later
  • Streamline the consent process, as councils are often requiring this level of detail prior to consent
  • Façade contractors will be able to be more precise when tendering which will lead to more accurate and better pricing
  • Avoid delay with material procurement as detailed design will allow the subcontractor to order materials as soon as contract awarded

Our detailing services extends across the full range of our products and how they interact with other façade systems. This makes it easier to interpret and clarify different areas in the shop drawings. We know our systems; we know their strengths and we understand their limitations. We are providing this service to ensure that our systems are integrated cohesively into your project.

Interested? Please complete our Technical Detailing Package Request Form and we’ll prepare an offer for you.

The Auckland Council has issued a Façade Guidance Document to assist with speeding up your consenting process. It suggests during the design stage that There needs to be sufficient information/detail to demonstrate to everyone what and how to build is being proposed. In the case of proprietary systems, this may well mean shop drawings, or at least sufficient detailing often from the systems supplier to demonstrate compliance”.

What Commitments Will We Need From You? 
Shop drawings and Engineering Packages can be an essential part of your consent pathway, therefore we look to make this as straightforward as possible, however this does take a bit of commitment to get underway. Please fill out the form attached (please be sure to fill in one form per cladding type selected for your building.) This form, accompanied by your Design Intent Package will enable us to quote you a cost for a fully developed Shop Drawing Set either to stand alone or be integrated into your consent drawing packet. This Quotation will carry with it a 50% deposit requirement which will be payable before works can commence. Engineering Packages carry a 100% Deposit requirement.

What We Need from You In PDF Format:

  • Full Architectural Drawing Set
  • Scope of project; with highlighted areas on plan, elevation, section and applicable details
  • Details/Setout; junctions to other claddings, joinery & any building elements which impact weather tightness & performance

What We Need from You In DWG Format:

  • Floor Plans; all applicable floor plans within scope
  • Elevations; all applicable elevations within scope
  • Details/Setout; all support, waterproofing & protrusions relevant to elevations provided.
  • Scope of project; cladding, joinery, hardware, glazing schedules denoting project scope clearly.

What We Need from You In Revit/Archicad/BIM/3D/ Format:

  • A full detached project model inclusive of sheet sets, families and links.
  • IFC models will not be accepted unless the are Revit Generated & are re-compatible with Revit.

This Model will not be used by SPS Building for submittal purposes; – Unless this is an element that is required & quoted for in relation to delivering this contract. Models will be utilised by SPS Building ONLY for confirmation, organisation, integration and confimation of solutions provided to you as a client. Provision of 3D models ensures a much deeper level of understanding which allows us to constructively deliver a more cohesive detailing service. Your IP is important to us, while cohesive integration and a complete design are our aim, we acknowledge tat a safe solution will always be formost in a design firm’s intrest; if there are propretary information elements contained withinin these models, please bring these to attention and we can arrange the Return, Omission or Destruction of your sensitive information upon completion of contract.

Fill out our online form below:

Or download Pdf version of package form
TDP Package form

Planned Construction Build Up

(Example: 2x floors | @ 3.5m FTF | 8.3m PEAK)
(Example: 45x90 Timber Studs @ 600mm Ctrs/ Noggs @ 800mm Ctrs)
(Example: Kalsi Rigidbacker or RWU, Ecoply, 6mm/9mm)
(Example: Proclima Adhero)
(Example: Sealed, Gasketed or Open)
(Example: Timber Batten, Zincalume Tophat, Aluminium Bracket & Rail)
(Example: 20mm, 40mm, 75mm)
(Example: External, Internal)
(Example: Equitone, Alucolux, Frontek, Terreal Terracotta - Piterak Slim)
(Example: Actual Cladding Type thickness selected i.e 30mm)
(Example: APL, Altus, etc. - Residential, Commercial, Shopfront)
(Example: 65mm Offset from Structure Face)
(Example: Matte Black / 2248T)
(Example: Matte Black / 2248T or 'SAJ' (Same as joinery)
Colour Type

Information For Engineering

Example: ( SLS+/- _____ kPa ) ( ULS+/-______ kPa )
Add a Wind Map
Maximum upload size: 104.86MB
Building Clause
(If you are applying for producer statement constancy - Please tick for required engineering considerations)

Please Allow for the Following Lead Times:

  • 4 Weeks (20 Working days) – for initial submission of shop drawings.
  • 2 Weeks (10 Working days) – for subsequent revisions of shop drawings.[Lead times commence upon official receipt of full design package & required deposit]
  • [Leadtimes commence upon official reciept of full design package & required deposit].

This Detailed Design Package Includes

  • One Initial Submission
  • Two Subsequent Revisions to the initial submission.

Any further revisions will be charged as variation to contract 

Download package request form

Shop Drawings Will Be Issued In 3 Stages:

{A} Preliminary: Based on Architectural Drawing Sets; Shows some detail, used for confirming scope and broad design intent. (This Set may be review by Architect and/or Client)

{B} For Approval: Based on Confirmed {A}:Preliminary revision; Shows greater detail, solidifies scope & cladding layouts. (This set may be used to ensure a PS1 Sign off.)

{C} For Construction: Based on Confirmed {B}:For Approval revision; Includes all project specific details. (Upon acceptance a Contractor/Installer may review this set, this set enables manufacture to begin)

{C+} Subsequent Revision: Based on {C}:For Construction revision; may incur an additional cost per page.

(Subsequent/Additional Details & Drawings will be provided up to a maximum of 2 reviews)