Open Joint System

Suitable for Alucobond Plus, Alucolux, Alucobond A2


The Building Agency Open Joint cladding system comprises an aluminium composite panel and fixing system manufactured from extruded aluminium and stainless steel components (such as the screws).

Products Open Joint is suitable for: 

  • Alucobond Plus 
  • Alucobond A2 
  • Alucolux 

The following table describes the scope of use for the different systems.

ComponentMax Wind Pressure
Alucobond PlusDetermined by fixing system
Rout and return systemUp to 2.5kPa (ULS)
WAB Building greater than 2 storiesUp to 3.6kPa (ULS)
Open Joint System Up to 2.5kPa (ULS)

When specifying a Building Agency System, it is important that the specified fixing system and ACP panel is suitable for the intended site and building.

Within our scope:  Where the intended use of The Building Agency Cladding System falls within our defined scope and where all details are in accordance with The Building Agency fixing system, then all plans and specifications may be completed by a designer with the appropriate license class.

Outside our scope: Where the intended use of The Building Agency Cladding System falls outside our defined scope, or where details other than those provided by TBA are being used, then a façade engineer is required to establish compliance with all relevant provisions of the NZ Building Code.