Alucore CLAD

Honeycomb Structured Panel

Alucore Clad by The Building Agency

ALUCORE® Clad is a Value-Added Cladding System Solution from ALUCOBOND®. It is made of honeycomb panels prefabricated with Aluminum extrusions – meaning they are ready to install. ALUCORE® Clad has all the great features of ALUCORE® – combined with a high-quality ‘ready to install’ system for a perfectly designed building.


ALUCORE® Clad is comprised of the following:

· The pre-coated Aluminium front skin

· Adhesive

· Aluminum Honeycomb core

· Pre-coated Aluminium back skin and fixing extrusion



Unique, as it combines a custom solution with the best available industrial coating and lamination technology formed into ‘Ready to install’ panels which come with different cladding material configurations (finishes/coating/thickness) to suit individual project requirements.

Panel perimeter fixing anchors both panel skins to the supporting structure, thereby giving a better strength to the overall installation.

Pre-fixed extrusions ensure an easy and quick installation, whether horizontal or vertical orientation.

The fixing system used in ALUCORE® Clad allows for quick panel replacement/removal in different structures, rather than having to take out all the panels.


Product Range

Panel Thickness: 4mm and 6mm | Standard Panel Widths: 1250mm, 1500mm | Length: Up to 6000mm.