500 Queen Street, The Mercure

Queen Street

This project overall was a structural upgrade, full reclad and refurbishment of an existing building, and subsequent conversion from offices to a 92-room hotel.

Cladding products used for this project include a combination of 3 x HD fibre cement colours; EQUITONE® TE10 TE20 and TE60, creating colour contrast and an eye-catching, natural finish.

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Products: Equitone TE10-TE20-TE6

Photographer: Grace Cobb and Mark Scowen


Team Architects


Queen Street,





TE60 Tectiva (Stock)

TE20 Tectiva (Stock)

TE20 Tectiva (Stock)

TE10 Tectiva (Stock)

TE10 Tectiva (Stock)