139 Greys Ave (Te Mātāwai)

139 Greys Ave, Terreal and Equitone | The Building Agency

This exciting new development by Kāinga Ora (139 Greys Ave) in central Auckland’s iconic Greys Avenue combines 276 new homes built around a supportive environment to enable its residents to connect and be active members of the community. Te Mātāwai combines public housing with supportive services designed for people who need it most. CLIENT: Kāinga Ora | […]

St Stephens Ave

AliClad_The Building Agency_Cladding Products Facades

The team from Howard Construction successfully completed their first AliClad project. AliClad’s mechanically drained flashing system was simple to install and once set out allowed for a fast install. Using the 2-piece flashings, the walls and windows are perfectly picture framed, providing clean lines. The final product is a flawless wood finish in Grey Walnut, […]

The Nautilus, Orewa Beach

The Nautilus, Orewa - Reclad - The Building Agency_Cladding Products Facades

The Nautilus is an apartment building located in Orewa Beach, Auckland. Boasting stunning ocean views from every angle. An iconic building in the heart of Orewa. The aluminium panels were used to replace the original faulty cladding. The new cladding system forms a rain screen that is fully drained, over a rigid air barrier and […]

The Vangaurd

The Building Agency supplied key product Reynodual in Dark grey metallic, traffic white, and pale oak. All are installed by one of our accredited installers. The Reynodual panels complement the other materials. The feature box frame of dark metal, concrete and timber is an imposing design statement that contrasts with the interesting white aluminium screens. […]

30 Madden Street Stage 2

30 Madden Street | Alucolux | The Building Agency

Developed from the optimum marine grade aluminium, Alucolux® is the perfect combination of temper and hardness. Architectural cladding applications require the correct combination of these properties to perform when exposed to wind loads and pressure. Alucolux provides solutions for architects, designers, developers, builders and construction companies looking for a premium solid aluminium façade panel they can […]

Fortune Apartments

Ruru Apartments, Pakuranga | Terreal and Alucolux - The Building Agency Ltd_cladding product facades

Durable terracotta tiles provide thermal performance, a warm aesthetic and low maintenance on a luxury apartment block. Sited in Auckland’s 12-hectare Pakuranga Park, the distinctive four-storey façade of Ruru Apartments is clad in Terreal Terracotta tiled panels combined with metallic grey Alucolux, a residential aesthetic that lends itself to its suburban location between Farm Cove […]

Auckland City Mission

Homeground Auckland City Mission | Terreal - The Building Agency Ltd_cladding product facades

PREFABRICATED MODULAR EXTERIOR WALL PANELS ON A SCALE NOT SEEN IN NEW ZEALAND ARE ONE OF THE MANY INNOVATIONS IN THIS FUTURE-THINKING BUILDING. Auckland City Mission’s HomeGround is a purpose-built support facility for vulnerable communities in central Auckland – a place of ‘transformation and healing for people in desperate need’. Spanning 12,000 sqm and 11 […]

30 Madden St – Stage 1

30 Madden Street Auckland | Alucolux - The Building Agency, cladding products facades

30 Madden Street is the newest addition to Wynyard Quarter. Daldy Apartments are Stage 1 of the full development. Stage 1 is a mixed-use 13 storey development comprising apartments and townhouses, with commercial spaces on the ground floor on Daldy Street. Reynodual and Alucolux panels are used throughout the development in Pure White, Anodic Dark […]

Chelsea Bay Apartments

Façade Engineer: Loutrec Façade Design Photographer: Intense Photography NOTE: Reynodual has been superseded with Alucolux.

Westlight Apartments – Waikumete

Waikamete Engraved Equitone Cladding

Designed to celebrate the light and views of West Auckland, Westlight is indeed a landmark for the area. And not just for its architecture. The development offers unique opportunities for today’s home buyers, with freehold apartments that are as affordably priced as they are stylishly designed and beautifully finished. The Building Agency supplied the ENGRAVED […]

The Victor Apartments

Innowood: Innoceil – Innoceil systems offer the ideal timber-look ceiling solution for any commercial or residential application. Our systems not only create instant sophistication as an architectural feature, but they are also lightweight and therefore cost-effective as an alternative to natural timber. On this project, Innowood spotted gum is used for shiplap, and various width […]

Ruru Apartments, Fortune Road

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