Equitone Fibre Cement Offers Long Term Savings

SPS Building offers one of the most durable and contemporary options for exterior cladding: Equitone. Equitone high-density fibre cement is a mineral composite material with outstanding aesthetic and physical properties, designed as cladding by and for architects. Equitone can effectively improve building efficiency by requiring no maintenance and delivering extremely high durability. It offers a life expectancy exceeding 50 years, unlike many other exterior cladding products, which saves time and money in the long term due to its low maintenance requirements and extended schedule for replacement.

Equitone is an environmentally conscientious product as well, with extensive EPD documentation, and a supply model which at its core embraces the sustainable philosophy of creating recyclable and dynamic materials. Equitone is a reusable material, with its natural cellulose fibres and portland cement, which allow it to be repurposed into numerous construction elements after its serviceable life or requirement as an architectural cladding has expired.

Equitone can contribute to a ventilated cavity facade when paired with cladding carrier systems such as timber battens, zincalume tophats or aluminium bracket and rail systems. Furthermore, the ventilated facade construction principle can assist in mitigating thermal bridging, and can be pivotal in eliminating risks of condensation and mould growth. Although ventilated cavities are often recognised as premium alternatives, there is no system maintenance needed when installed correctly, which allows for long term cost savings.

Every Equitone panel is unique, showing the raw, untreated texture of the fibre cement base material. The fibre cement material is through-coloured, which means the surface displays the inner texture and colour of the core cementitious matrix. Apart from regular building maintenance, there is no special cleaning, repainting or recoating required to ensure durability or aesthetic. This also helps to reduce the total cost of a building long term.

No matter what facade design options are explored, the through-coloured materials can be transformed into crisp, monolithic facade details. The material is highly transformable, to allow for further design flexibility. It can be perforated using waterjet or CNC machines, large or very small cuts can be made, it can even be embossed and printed. Some designers favour Equitone as an internal treatment, using it in soffits, green walls and signage, and some have even adapted it into furniture.