Insulwool-Rock Wool


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Exterior wall insulation system consist of two applications typical structure and steel structure. Rock Wool is hydrophobic and sound reduction to avoid the moisture and noise effect.

Typical structure exterior wall system

Exterior wall insulation thin plastering system is a kind of non-bearing insulation structure, consists of insulation layer, protective layer, fixed materials (adhesives, auxiliary fixings, etc.), and is fixed in the external surface of exterior wall, with performance of fire safety, heat insulation, waterproof, anti-cracking, anti-wind pressure and durability.


  • Good insulation effect, avoid hot and cold Bridges.
  • Non-flammable, A1 grade. Fire rate is not affected and limited from the height of building.
  • Better permeability, “berathing” the system.
  • Higher compressive and tensile strength, make sure the using safety.
  • Sound absorption, noise reduction.
  • Excellent hydrophobic performance, stable fibre structure, easy to cut and install.
  • Asbestos free, non-toxic.



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