The Building Agency’s warehouse and dispatch address has now changed to:  18A Croftfield Lane Wairau Valley Auckland, 0627


As building ‘skin’ specialists, we curate and source the best international products, so architects and contractors can design and build beautiful, enduring buildings that will be enjoyed for generations.

At The Building Agency we appreciate design and aesthetics, as much as we do technical performance. We understand quality is more than just a technical consideration and that there is beauty in both form and function. We want to source architects inspirational design materials that allow them to create with materials, forms, textures and patterns.

The Building Agency services different tiers of the market and different systems and installations can be tailored for different price points. Our collection includes globally renowned products used on some of the most innovative and architecturally applauded buildings in the world.  

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High performance is at the heart of everything we do. Our products are proven to perform over decades in Europe; chosen for their specifications and quality, and then further tested in NZ by accredited labs. We are focused on reducing risk and improving compliance throughout the design, procurement and construction process and everything we source is certified for durability, fire, structure, water tightness and thermal performance. Some of our products have pedigrees of over 50 years.

We are very particular about the products we choose to represent.  


We make the design and the consenting process easier by providing thorough shop drawings and documentation”.