Alucore ACCP

Aluminium Corrugated Core Panel

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ALUCORE® ACCP is an aluminium corrugated core panel, a lightweight cladding material with a corrugated aluminium core sandwiched between two aluminium skins. This makes ALUCORE® ACCP highly rigid and devoid of any thermoplastic core, perfectly suitable for projects with stringent fire regulations. ALUCORE® ACCP offers unmatched flatness, enhancing the beauty of buildings. The panels are easily formable using common processing methods giving architects flexibility to execute complex designs.



With an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio for applications that demand self-supporting roofs/structures, ALUCORE® ACCP boasts higher flexure rigidity compared to other cladding materials setting it apart in terms of performance Architects and designers prefer ALUCORE® ACCP for its unique mechanical properties, for instance, its high tensile strength helps in easy processing enhancing the aesthetics.

Outstanding colour uniformity and surface finish are achieved due to the premium-quality fluorocarbon (PVDF/FEVE) coating system employed by ALUCORE® ACCP.

ALUCORE® ACCP’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for outdoor applications including facade cladding, soffit, roofing, balconies, and shelters, as well as interior applications such as artistic ceilings and wall designs. The ALUCORE® ACCP product is easy to fabricate with standard tools and ensures precise detailing.



Comparative Flexure Rigidity

Refer to the rigidity graph in the ALUCORE® ACCP brochure. The graph illustrates the rigidity of different materials while keeping the weight identical. ALUCORE® ACCP shows a much higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to other materials. By prioritizing materials with low weight and high rigidity, architects can enhance structural integrity while minimizing the load-bearing requirements, thus contributing to more efficient and sustainable building designs.

This strategic approach not only ensures the structural stability of the facade but also enables architects to explore more innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs without compromising on safety or durability.

Advantages of Alucore

  • Low weight, high rigidity, and flawless flatness making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including soffit and suspended ceilings. Withstands heavy wind load pressure.
  • Human weight-bearing capacity for cleaning and maintenance (applicable for thicknesses above 15mm).
  • Provides freedom of design to architects and designers owing to its high formability.
  • Different panel thicknesses to suit all kinds of applications.
  • Thermal insulation helps cut down heat transmission in the building.
  • A large variety of colours and finishes available.
  • Simple to process using conventional tools.


Product Range

Panel Thickness: 4mm and 6mm | Standard Panel Widths: 1250mm, 1500mm | Length: Up to 6000mm.